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Published Jun 11, 22
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And in so doing, paying attention to my home environment, I began to pay attention to how I spend my days. Was I exhausted and unfilled at the end or exhausted and feeling productive? Did I have time in my day to spend it with those I loved, converse with those who engaged in creative, uplifting and thought-provoking conversation or care for myself in such a way that respected my overall health? And depending upon my answer, I would tweak, eliminate, maximize or designate more or less time to those activities that improved the quality of living.

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Stanley As the quote reminds us, living well is truly about prioritizing how we spend our days. Did we make time to enjoy the day, spend it with those we hold dear, take time to respect what our minds and bodies need or did we cram everything into our waking hours in order to fit a mold that we weren’t asked for input regarding its creation? Everyone’s path to living well will be different, but the key is to know what you want – more loosely rather than specifically.

Recently, I was watching the travel guru Rick Steves discuss on PBS his explorations through the countryside of France. While staying at Chateau de Pray and dining on their outdoor terrace, his dining companion shared the quote listed at the beginning of today’s post. And I couldn’t agree more especially when it comes to travel, but why not bring a similar way of living into our everyday? Why not .

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live well each and every day? Why not use the nice china in the middle of the week? Why not treat ourselves regularly to dinner or lunch with a dear friend at a restaurant that piques our interest or tantalizes our taste buds? Why not sleep on silk pillowcases each night? Many may quickly scoff at such ideas as being too indulgent, thus deflating the exhilaration that is felt when they are only experiences from time to time, but what I hope to bring to your attention today is that with patience and careful planning, everyday life can indeed be lived luxuriously and can actually enhance the quality of our lives.

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Indulge in one of the patisseries delicious sweet treats and lose track of time. ~Les Deux Garcons cafe in Aix-en-Provence, cours Mirabeau~ As I talk about in my book, lingerie is a necessity for the woman who wears it, not for those who might see her in it. Why? Because simply knowing we are wearing beautiful, comfortable, luxurious lingerie feels good.

If we feel good, we smile more readily, we are more open to new experiences and our attitude is lifted. A powerful decision that will change your day-to-day living drastically for the better. Busy doesn’t mean better or more productive, it simply reveals a life that perhaps could be managed better.

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A life that focuses on what is necessary and lets go of the rest. And when you let go of busy, you have more time for moments of simple leisure and luxury that cultivate an everyday life to savor. (Click here to dive into this topic.) Knowing you have in your closet clothes that will make you look and feel your best is a very powerful tool to possess as you begin your day.

After all, our lives, needs and desires change, listen to what is nudging you, calling your name and that is where you will find the unexpected beauty. Similar to knowing you are wearing luxurious lingerie is the choice of scent you layer upon your skin before stepping out the door for work or for play.

Reading in truth, is a way of tickling your brain and refusing to live each day the same even if the events may be routine. Purchase a dry shampoo and have on hand for the days you don’t lather up. Shampoo less often, thereby saving yourself more time in the morning, and believe it or not, improve the condition of your tresses.

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And even if you have to deliver news that isn’t favorable, there is always a way to do so with kindness. Being conscious of how we treat people and our delivery will almost always be appreciated, and even if it is taken for granted, at least we can go home at night and feel good about the energy we put out into the world.

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